Amellia AllBright / Jeffrey Pitt

Amellia AllBright has been an artist from the first paintbrush her mother ever put in her hand. And through the years she has made her way through one medium to another until she found her passion in tattooing. Apprenticing in Albuquerque, she has been tattooing for over two years and has found a place in the comforting walls of Dawn’s Custom Tattoo in 2012. A Santa Fe native, Amellia has had the opportunity to travel the world but has always come back to the City Different loving the eclectic and open minded community found nowhere else.

Amellia has always enjoyed the limitless possibilities of the tattoo world and as a Tattooist has been excited to have the opportunity to work in many different styles. From photo realistic to traditional Americana, from classic black and grey to full color, Amellia has been fortunate to work with her wonderful clients and create many different pieces in all shapes and sizes. With a love for all aspects of tattooing, there is no style Amellia would not love to get the chance to tattoo! She always feels it is an honor to connect with a client and collaborate in making a beautiful piece of art that someone will wear for the rest of their life.

Whether you are looking to book an appointment or simply walking in, Amellia hopes to have the opportunity to make beautiful art with you!

Jeffrey Pitt

With over thirteen years tattooing experience, Jeffrey has returned and to settle in Santa Fe, New Mexico in effort to live and work alongside longtime friend and inspiration Dawn Purnell. After working with Dawn and completing a formal apprenticeship with Mark Vigil Tattoo's original location, Jeffrey traveled and tattooed in several states including Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, before returning to Santa Fe. With a true passion for the art and extensive experience in all aspects of tattoo culture and influence, he excels in designing custom tattoos and is very versatile in his approach. Jeffrey enjoys taking on any concept, or idea that a client might have, while creating a one of a kind piece of art for his customer.