DAWN PURNELL - In her own words, Dawn Purnell is simple. Her work as a tattooist is a direct reflection her being. Dawn is very much a traditionalist, she is not be confused with an artist creating tattoos, she is to be recognized as a Tattooist creating Tattoos. The Dawn's Custom Tattoo Studio is a very comforting place littered with relics, literature, imagery, music, and character that bring to life the woman behind the needle.

Dawn's work has graced the pages of many renowned tattoo publications, attracted a client waiting list that spans month's out, and is recognized within the community of Santa Fe, New Mexico as simply second to none. Dawn is a native of Indiana that through many long roads has found home in Santa Fe. After attending the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago, she apprenticed under third generation Tattooist Ira Handlon in Omaha, Nebraska. Dawn's crossroads have included Dallas, Indianapolis, Louisville, Chicago, and New Mexico. Dawn settled in Santa Fe in 1998 where she began working with the late Bill Wissman. Through her work with Bill, Dawn met Mark Vigil and the two later opened 4 Star Tattoo. Six years later, Dawn opened Dawn's Custom Tattoo and embarked on road that she solely navigates.

Dawn is attracted to Japanese themed work and favorites working on body pieces that allow her to flow the canvas from top to bottom if possible. Her portfolio leaves you waiting, wanting, wishing, and includes Portraits, Japanese, Tribal / Abstract, Animals, and Random works that are are unique to her hand. Welcome to the world of Dawn Purnell, a world that can be summed up in three little words.

"Hands On Love"